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Between the Lines

This solo album is an attempt to mix different techniques, instruments, and styles, as a composer, producer, pianist and singer. It is also a first personal statement, No hiding behind the "projects" anymore  – just me, as I am, with my name, and doing everything from scratch. From composing the pieces, writing the lyrics, playing piano & singing to recording it in my bedroom , doing electronic sound-design, mix and mastering.

After a my former years as a classical percussionist and jazz drummer - and moving to London to study a Popular Music Degree, i wanted to develop a personal world, in Between genres, in Between Tradition Heritage (of jazz/ classical) and the music that is done today, in Between acoustic and electronic, In Between Sounds and Noises.

A place in between genres, such as pop-, contemporary classical-, electronic music. Somewhere that hasn't really a name but, that has no borders genres or techniques.That's how came the idea of Between the Lines tittle.

Format:         Digital

Release Date:        April , 2021

Piano, Voice, Lyrics, Electronic Production, Recording, Editing, Mix & Mastering:      Simon Brunel

Label:        Self-Release

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Between the Lines features :

"Simon’s music is serene and meditative and beautifully produced…someone to watch out for." 

Rob Turner , Gogo Penguin (Gondwana Records, Blue Note Records)

"Between The Lines" is a great EP! I especially enjoy “Summer Past Away” which is a mesmerising song. It sounds a bit like James Blake meets an electrified orchestra conducted by Vessel. The beautiful "Lullaby For An Insomniac" is a power ballad for the 21st century (there should be more of those!) and the ethereal and melancholic "Winter". The stringy drone sound of "To Explore or to Lose Way" is very soothing too! 

Daniel Brandt (Erased Tapes Records

"A shimmering amalgamation of music styles and tones, Brunel's music is a unique and uplifting breath of fresh air."

Tristan Eckerson (1631 recording, 7K! records)

"Experimental piano based indie classical music for introspection : London based Simon Brunel has quite a rich mix of genres in his musical background and that becomes clear when you listen to his debut EP ‘Between the Lines’. Whilst you may assume that a piano-based composer and producer can easily fit into the modern classical genre, Simon ensures he brings elements of ambient synth, pop and indie folk to the plate. (...) Simon Brunel clearly has a lot of talent in the sound producer and creative department. These tracks offer up a diverse and fascinating sound palette to enjoy. It is the kind of EP that requires a few listens to really click with so give it a chance and hopefully, you’ll be rewarded." HigherPlainMusic

"Here, the artist develops an ethereal pop-ambient, where the piano is one of the central pieces. His melodies so deep bervate the 5 pieces of the EP, carried by a diaphanous voice, constantly on a breach. Add to it some more electronic construction and tones, and here is a most endearing sound object. (...) simply by authenticity and talent, Simon Brunel manages to get very close to this famous "beauty". He is sensitive and quite unclassifiable." Home Cooking Share

SOLO WORK: Discography


Simon Brunel - Teaser from Live at Albany Theatre (London)

Simon Brunel - Teaser from Live at Albany Theatre (London)

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